Centenary Set


The Centenary collection has been inspired by Bentley’s long heritage, taking inspiration from not only the past, but also the present and beyond.

The simple yet striking design is focused on a very visible and defining haunch line that can be seen across the set.

Whilst the haunch line is very prominent, other detailing has been used that is synonymous with Bentley both past and present. The use of the new diamond knurling can be found on the grip. The wheel centre caps from the Le Mans car are prevalent on both the wood heads and the grip end caps.

The technical mix of materials including stainless steel, carbon fibre (including centenary gold thread), titanium, elastomer and aluminium have given us a truly unique and high performance set to celebrate 100 years of Bentley.

100 serialised sets will be produced. All complete with a limited edition bag and headcovers. The bag and headcovers being made from an industry first, real carbon fibre panels, to match the rest of the clubs.

Please note that centenary sets may be subject to cosmetic tweaks during production process, so final appearence may differ slightly from images shown.